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Yes, but this may lead to some confusion about when the order is ready to be submitted. Please be sure to communicate with other staff in your office to make sure that all of the items they need have been included before you submit an order.

Please contact Customer Service to order the item, 1-800-232-5729.

You can see that an item has been backordered when looking at the Back Orders Shipped section of the Order Status tab. An item that is on backorder will show that it did not ship. For example, “0/1 Shipped” shows that you ordered one of the item, but it has not been shipped yet. Backorders will appear on the account until it shows up as “Shipped,” for up to 7 days. Please contact Customer Service with any questions, 1-800-232-5729.

You cannot do this through the website, but you may cancel an item by calling Customer Service, 1-800-232-5729.

Go into the cart, and select the “Remove” box next to that item. Then click “Update Cart.”

Go into the cart and select “Edit.” Change the quantity to the number you want to order and click “Update Cart.”

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